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Hez Onwuemezie is the Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, A.C.C. Gases Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of A.C.C. Gases UK Limited. ( dissolved ). In 1977, Hez Onwuemezie arrived Lagos Nigeria accompanied by his Boss, William George Wood, the Founder & CEO of A.C.C. Gases UK Limited and Maxwell Sisterson, the Finance Director.

The purpose of the trip was to establish A.C.C. Gases in Nigeria. Prior to the trip to Nigeria, Hez Onwuemezie, serving under Bill Wood, Max Sisterson and Dennis Robinson, acquired skills in negotiating Joint Venture Partnership Agreements, Turn-key Project Development and Management, long term products supply and products OFF-TAKER AGREEMENTS in collaboration with giants such as SHELL UK Limited.

Max trained Hez on how to arrange and obtain large scale project funding and in business Acquisition Transaction skills. Bill Wood built a modern large scale L.P.G. Filling Plant at Pickett's Lock, Pickett's Lock Lane, Edmonton, London N9 OAR, U.K. A.C.C. Gases UK Limited was a wholly owned subsidiary of A.C.C. Group UK Limited in Grantham Lincolnshire England UK.

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On Friday, April 12, 2013, GenOil appointed Mr. Hezekiah Onwuemezie as Sole Representative to Market GenOil Products and Services to cover the Africa Territorial Market.

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    Can be utilised for a wide range of goals such as desulfurization or upgrading or both.
    Extremely low operating costs $ 4.00 per barrel.
    Extremely low capital cost $ 7-10,000.00 per barrel.
    Reduces the carbon ratio by more than 30%.
    IGCC provides a zero waste process.
   Increase refinery profit margins by up to $50.00 per barrel.
    No coke production.
    New gas oil blending system which desulfurizes 95+% at up to 75% lower operating costs than competition.
   Adjustable product slate to meet increasing demand for low sulfur petroleum products, including diesel, jet fuel and gasoline.

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    Unique in its ability to process slop sludge quickly into sale-able product.
    Profitable environmental rehabilitation.
    Best solution on the market for waste pits and oil pools.
    Extremely low cost of operation. Extremely profitable.
    Incredibly compact centralized or portable design for applications where space is at a premium.
    Proprietary process which efficiently tackles tank bottoms and waste pits.
    Coast Guard, ABS, & MarPol IMO MEPC 107 compliant.
    Can treat extremely small emulsions.
    Can be integrated into existing wastewater plants.
    Can eliminate the need for storage tanks or waste pits eliminating local dangerous groundwater contamination.


    The most agricultural friendly technology on the market.
    Most effective and profitable process to cleanse contaminated sand from petroleum spills.
    Minimal water or sea water and energy consumption.
    Reclaims almost 100% of oil from waste pits and beaches contaminated by petroleum.
    Recently improved patent 2010.
    Ability to operate with sea water.
    Meets environmental & agricultural health standards.


   No periodic filter maintenance.
   Provides irrigation for lush lawns & gardens in arid areas.
   Recycles all waste water greatly reducing water demands from irrigation.
   Low capital cost and elimination of expensive piping sewage networks.
    Outstanding reliability for safe and uninterrupted operation.
   Mobile easily transportable and expandable.
   Exteremely low power usage.
   Environmentally compliant.
    Can be installed in extremely remote areas.


   No filters : Lowest operational costs of any separator on the market.
    Goes beyond compliance exceeding Coast Guard & ABS regulations.
    No internal moving parts offer unsurpassed reliability.
    No impact from ship’s movement.
    Unique six-stage design for high-efficiency and performance.
   Bilge water separation for sea-going vessels.
   Suited for off-shore oil platforms, Gasoline/Diesel service stations airports and parking lots.
   5 ppm bilge alarm.
    Service agents around the world.
    Suitable for wastewater treatment plants, electrical generation plant.


    Filterless: Land based (OWS) oily water separation unit, very similar to Crystal Sea. Designed to run continuously for years.
    No internal moving parts – unsurpassed reliability.
   Lowest cost of operation as Crystal does not require filter media.
    Versatility for a wide range of applications.
    Six stages located within a single unit.
    Can separate all types of contaminants from water including sewage or other impurities.
    Sales agents around the world.
    Achieves 2.5ppm separation without filter.
    Masters the four separation principles gravity, coalescing beads, vortex, and and have no internal moving parts.
    Suitable for oil wells which produce heavy amounts of water. Also suitable for airports etc


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